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American Redware and Slipware

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Each component is thrown, altered and then assembled into the figures shown. Both Santas and Dragons are hollow. These items are very special and the SOLD ones belong in private collections. They are custom made and available only on a first come, first serve basis.

redware santa with white coat redware santa with white slip trim redware dragon with dots large redware dragon

Redware Santas and Dragons - Pied Potter Hamelin Originals - Lead-Free

Gold Santa - $190 - SOLD

Dragon - $200 - SOLD

Redware Dotted Dragon - $180

redware santa with bag

Red Santa - $180, 8” tall, 7” at widest point - Each component, arms, hat, bag, is thrown on the wheel separately, then sculpted and assembled into the completed figure. The Santa is hollow.

redware santa, pied potter hamelin

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